Families on TANF in South Carolina: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Sample Design for the Surveys


The sample of TANF recipients consisted of 1,493 families who were on TANF in South Carolina in June 2002.1 Only “mandatory” cases that were subject to work requirements and time limits under South Carolina’s TANF Program, Family Independence (FI), were included. South Carolina limits TANF benefits to 24 months in ten years, and five years in a lifetime. Cases that were excluded from the sample included those headed by “child only” relative caretakers and by disabled parents on SSI.

The sample was stratified to include three types of cases, as shown in Table I-1. Cases in the second and third strata were over-sampled to ensure la rge enough samples for analysis, and sample weights were applied to the data in generating report results, (see Appendix A).
Table I-1
Sample Design for the Surveys of TANF Recipients
Sample Strata Universe
Time-limited recipients with fewer
than 24 months on welfare
8,293 622 468 75.2%
Recipients with temporary
exemptions from work requirements
2,438 645 488 75.7%
Recipients with extensions of the
state’s 24-month time limit
197 197 143 72.6%
Unknown status*   29 21 72.4%
Total 10,928 1,493 1,120 75.0%

*Status could not be determined from the available administrative data

1 The sample consisted of cases receiving TANF benefits of $10 or more in June 2002, and which had been receiving benefits for at least one month.


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