Families on TANF in South Carolina: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Presence of Multiple Potential Barriers to Employment


This section examines the prevalence of multiple potential employment barriers among TANF recipients and how multiple barriers are related to employment status and work history. Appendix D Table V-a shows that about 62% of the survey respondents had three or more employment liabilities (including 18% who had three, 15% who had four, and 29% who had five or more). Following are the employment barriers we studied:
  • human capital deficits: 21% had two or more, including no high school diploma or GED, worked for pay less than 50% of the time since turning 18, and performed fewer than four common job skills.
  • personal or family challenges: 39% had two or more, including physical health problems, family health problems, pregnancy, mental health problems, chemical dependency, severe physical domestic violence in the past year, presence of a possible learning disability, a criminal record, and English language problems.
  • situational or logistical challenges: 41% had two or more, including transportation problems, child care problems, or unstable housing in the past year, and one or more “major” neighborhood problems.


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