Families on TANF in South Carolina: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Participation in Education, Job Training, and Employment Programs


In Chapter II of this report, we showed that 38% of the survey respondents had not completed high school or a GED, and another 38% had completed high school or a GED but had no education beyond high school. In addition to being asked about their regular education, respondents were asked about their participation in job training, work readiness, job search assistance classes, work experience programs, and remedial education programs during the past 12 months.

  • Relatively few respondents had received help with job training or basic education.

While job search assistance is a prescribed activity of the FI Program for those without exemptions, only half said that they had received such assistance. In addition, over a quarter of these respondents indicated that they had not taken part in any program involving job training, education, skills, readiness or search (Table IV-2). While over a third of all respondents had less than a high school education, only 16% had been involved in GED preparation or basic skills or math programs (data not shown). Less than a third (31%) of high school dropouts had taken part in GED preparation, basic skills, or remedial education programs in the past year.

Table IV-2
Percentage of Respondents Who Had Taken Part in Education, Training, or Employment Programs in the Past Year, by Strata
Respondents without Exemptions or Extensions
Time Limited with Temporary Work Exemptions
Time Limited with Extensions Granted
Program Percent Percent Percent
GED/basic education 17 13 23
Job readiness program 25
Job search assistance 50 29 66
Job skills training 24 17 43
Work experience program 15 8 25
Any program 73 45 90

Source: Telephone surveys of 1,120 TANF recipients in South Carolina

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