Families on TANF in South Carolina: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Demographic Characteristics


This section provides demographic comparisons between survey respondents who were granted work exemptions or time limit extensions and respondents without exemptions or extensions (Table VI-1).
Nearly half of the respondents with work exemptions were over age 35 - as we have seen, older respondents were more likely to have physical health problems. The percentage of whites is highest in the temporary exemption stratum compared to the other two strata, and as shown in Chapter III, whites were much more likely than blacks to have physical health problems.
While whites were more likely to have work exemptions, black respondents were more likely to have time limit extensions (Table VI-1). Nearly half of the clients with time limit extensions had three or more children, compared to less than a third of the other two study strata. The difficulties of managing entry to the workforce, such as coordinating child care providers, schedules and transportation to providers and to work, may lead recipients with more children to need a time limit extension. We have seen that many recipients (39%) end up in jobs with evening and weekend hours, which may not be feasible for mothers with three or more children.
Table VI-1
Characteristics of Clients, by Status
Clients without exemptions or extensions
Clients Temporarily Exempted
Clients with Extended Time Limits
  Percent Percent Percent
Over age 35 15 48 22
Percent black 74 68 89
Educated beyond high school 23 25 38
Three or more children 29 32 47
Usually worked since age 18 64 57 68

Source: Telephone surveys of 1,120 TANF recipients in South Carolina

It also the case that time limit extensions enabled clients to participate in education or training. Of the respondents who had been granted extensions to time limits, 38% had taken college courses or vocational courses or were currently enrolled in these programs compared to approximately a quarter of all other clients.

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