Families on TANF in South Carolina: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Chapter V. Relationship Between Employment Liabilities and Employment Status


A major issue for policy makers is the relative importance of the different types of liabilities as barriers to future employment in terms of designing effective programs and services to ameliorate such employment barriers among the TANF caseload. This chapter examines the relationship between employment liabilities among the survey respondents and their current and recent employment status.
The analysis examines the correlation between each of the major employment barriers and two specific indicators of employability. The first of these measures - whether the respondent was employed at the time of the survey - provides a snapshot of the respondents’ employment situation when the surveys were conducted. The second measure – whether the respondent had worked in the past year - provides information on employability. This chapter also presents the results of multiple regression analyses of the relationship between employment status, recipient barriers, and demographics. The employment problems certain sub-groups of TANF recipients experience due to multiple barriers are discussed as well.


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