Families on TANF in Illinois: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Table D.6 Performance of Job Tasks among TANF Cases (Percentages)


Table D.6
Performance of Job Tasks among TANF Cases
  Regularlya Monthly Ever
Job Tasks Performed:
Talk with customers face to face 80 2 82
Talk with customers over the phone 51 4 55
Read instructions or reports 53 8 61
Write letters or memos 30 6 36
Work with a computer 37 5 42
Work with another electronic machine 67 3 70
Do arithmetic 60 4 64
Fill out forms 55 6 61
Keep watch over gauges or instruments 40 5 46
Performed at Least Four Job Tasks 67 1 72
Sample Size     416
Source: MPR's 2001-02 survey of Illinois TANF cases.
Notes: The survey data have been weighted to be representative of all single-parent TANF recipients in Illinois. Survey item nonresponse may cause the sample sizes for specific variables to be smaller than those shown. Rounding may cause percentages to sum to something other than 100. We conducted two-tailed t-tests (for continuous variables) and chi-square tests (for categorical variables) for differences between employed and not employed case heads.
a Regularly is defined as having performed the job skill at least weekly.

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