Families on TANF in Illinois: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Table D.4 Principal Reasons for Not Working and for Leaving Most Recent Job (Percentages)


Table D.4
Principal Reasons for Not Working and for Leaving Most Recent Joba
  Cases w/ Heads
Not Currently Employed
Principal Reason Currently Not Working For Pay
Physical, mental health, or substance abuse problem 14
Pregnancy or newborn care 17
Prefer/need to stay home with children 7
Other family responsibilities 4
Child care problem 11
Transportation problem 3
In school/training 10
Lack education/work experience 11
No jobs available/wages too low 13
Other 10
Principal Reason for Leaving Most Recent Job
Not satisfied with hours/benefits/salary 8
Problems on the job (with boss or too stressful) 7
Pregnancy/maternity leave 19
Own health problems 11
Family or personal problems 6
Child care or transportation problems 7
Improved opportunities (school or another job) 3
Temporary or short term assignment ended 14
Fired or laid off 14
Other 11
Sample Size 244
Source: MPR's 2001-02 survey of Illinois TANF cases.
Notes: The survey data have been weighted to be representative of all single-parent TANF recipients in Illinois. Survey item nonresponse may cause the sample sizes for specific variables to be smaller than those shown. Rounding may cause percentages to sum to something other than 100.
a Tabulated for cases on which the head was not currently employed, but had been employed in the past.

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