Families on TANF in Illinois: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Table D.14 Income Sources and Amounts among TANF Householdsa (Percentages, Unless Stated Otherwise)


Table D.14
Income Sources and Amounts among TANF Householdsa
(Percentages, Unless Stated Otherwise)
  Percentage with Income from Sourceb Income in Past Monthb
Cases with Income from Selected Source All Clientsc
Earnings by All Household Members 54 $817 $407
Public Assistance
TANF benefits 86 $273 $235
Food stamp benefits 93 $317 $293
SSI or disability insurance 15 $559 $ 79
Child Support Over Past 12 Months
Received any 10 -- --
Received regularlyd 48 -- --
Other Sourcese 13 $244 $ 32
All Sources -- -- $1065
Sample Size     416
Source: MPR's 2001-02 survey of Illinois TANF cases.
Notes: The survey data have been weighted to be representative of all single-parent TANF recipients in Illinois. Survey item nonresponse may cause the sample sizes for specific variables to be smaller than those shown. Rounding may cause percentages to sum to something other than 100. We conducted two-tailed t-tests (for continuous variables) and chi-square tests (for categorical variables) for differences between currently and previously employed case heads.
a Income sources and amounts refer to the month prior to the survey.
b Categories include income received by any member of the household.
c Figures for "all clients" includes clients who received or who did not receive the income source in the past month. Those who did not receive the income source had values of $0 in the calculation of the average.
d Tabulated only for cases that received child support in past 12 months (n=41).
e Other income includes child support, unemployment benefits, alimony payments, and money from friends or relatives. Separate figures for monthly child support payments were not gathered in the survey.

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