Families on TANF in Illinois: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Table C.5 Programmatic Status of Single-Parent TANF Cases in Illinois


Table C.5
Programmatic Status of Single-Parent TANF Cases in Illinois
Measure Percentage Unless Indicated Otherwise
Current Status of 60-month TANF "Clock"
Running 74
Stopped 26
Elapsed Time on 60-Month TANF "Clock"
0 to 12 months 32
13 to 24 months 26
25 to 36 months 23
37 to 48 months 16
49 to 60 months 3
Median elapsed time on TANF "clock" 20 months
TANF Sanctiona
Not sanctioned 74
Sanctioned for non-participation in required activity 23
Sanctioned for non-cooperation w/ child support enforcement 3
Number of TANF Cases 33,495
Source: Administrative data on the TANF caseload maintained by the Illinois Department of Human Services.
Population: TANF cases in Illinois that: (1) were eligible for a cash grant in November 2001, (2) were classified by DHS as "single-parent," and (3) included the grantee (i.e., the person to whom the benefit was issued) as a member of the case (thus excluding "child-only" cases). Some of the cases (9 percent) in the study population did not receive a positive cash grant despite being classified as "eligible" for a cash grant (see Table C.4 for reasons).
a A sanction entails the loss of either the full cash grant or one-half of the grant, depending on the sanction level.

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