Families on TANF in Illinois: Employment Assets and Liabilities. The Structure of This Report


Chapter II of this report, which focuses on the first research question, describes the welfare and employment experiences of TANF recipients. Chapter III addresses the second question by describing the assets that TANF recipients bring to employment and the prevalence of their various liabilities for employment. Chapter IV presents findings from a multivariate analysis to answer the third question on the effects of the number and type of liabilities on employment. The final chapter summarizes our principal findings and discusses their relevance to policymakers and program administrators.


(1) As in this survey, the Nebraska and Michigan surveys use a point-in-time sampling approach. In Nebraska, the sample of TANF recipients was selected in January 2000, and individuals were interviewed 10 to 12 months later. In Michigan, the sample was selected in February 1997, and interviews were conducted 7 to 10 months later. At the time of these surveys, 52 percent of individuals in Nebraska and 72 percent in Michigan were receiving TANF.

(2)Appendix A provides details on the study population, the survey sample, the fielding of the survey, the development of survey weights, and an assessment of the representativeness of the weighted survey respondents.


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