Extending the Utility of Federal Data Bases. Subgroups and Databases


For ease of reference, we repeat key items from the Task 2 report, specifically the subgroups of interest, the databases and the appropriate reference dates for the databases. The subgroups of interest are:

Hispanics Asian or Pacific Islanders American Indian or Alaska Natives
Mexican Americans
Puerto Ricans
Central or South Americans
Other Hispanics
Asian Indian
Other Asian or Pacific Islander
American Indians or Alaska Natives

The databases and the appropriate reference dates are:

  Database Reference dates

Census Census 2000 April 2000
American Community Survey 2003, proposed
Current Population Survey
     March March 1998
     Monthly Average month 1998
Survey of Income and Program Participation Wave 1, 1996 Panel
NCHS/CDC National Health Interview Survey 1998
National Vital Statistics System
     Natality 1997
     Mortality 1997
National Survey of Family Growth 1995
National Immunization Survey 1996
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999
AHRQ Medical Expenditure Panel Survey 1999
HCFA Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey Early 1998, 4 Panels
SAMHSA National Household Survey of Drug Abuse 1997-1998
NCES National Household Education Survey 1996
Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey
     Birth Cohort Year 1, 2000
     Kindergarten Cohort Year 1, Fall 1998