Exploring Episode-Based Approaches for Medicare Performance Measurement, Accountability and Payment Final Report. Acknowledgments


We gratefully acknowledge the participation of numerous individuals who were instrumental in helping us complete this project.  In particular, we appreciate the contributions made by our Technical Expert Panel members, who provided feedback on our data analyses and who served as external reviewers of this report.  The panel members were:  Robert Berenson, MD (Senior Fellow, Urban Institute), Gary Kaplan, MD (CEO and Chairman, Virginia Mason Medical Center), Robert Mecklenberg, MD (Medical Director, Virginia Mason Medical Center), Mark Rattray, MD (President, Care Variance), Mark Miller (Executive Director, MedPAC), Debra Saliba, MD (Director, UCLA/ JHA Borun Center for Gerontological Research), and Karen Milgate (Director, Office of Policy, CMS).  We also want to thank the individuals who participated in our expert discussions, for contributing their time and their knowledge to helping identify key considerations associated with applying episodes of care to payment and performance measurement.  

We wish to acknowledge Acumen, LLC for the work they performed to run the commercial episode groupers and to provide RAND with constructed episodes and helping with interpretation of the output.  We are grateful to the support provided by Symmetry and Thomson-Medstat (now Thomson-Reuters) for making their episode grouping software tools available for this research application.

Our ASPE project officer, Susan Bogasky, provided guidance, support and expert counsel throughout the project.  Karen Milgate, from CMS, also provided ongoing guidance and critical feedback throughout the project, as did a broader set of individuals at CMS, including Fred Thomas, Craig Caplan, Lisa Grabert, Rene Mentnech, Curt Mueller, and Jesse Levy.  We acknowledge the contributions to this project and report made by Susan Lovejoy, Kristin Leuschner, and Magdalen Paskell from RAND.  Any errors of fact or interpretation are the responsibility of the RAND authors.

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