Examples of Promising Practices for Integrating and Coordinating Eligibility, Enrollment and Retention: Human Services and Health Programs Under the Affordable Care Act. Results


For 2010, the first year eREP was fully operational, the caseload that could be handled by a single worker increased by 53 percent, compared to 2008. From 2009 to 2010, total caseloads increased by close to 19,000 cases, or 12.3 percent, while operational costs decreased by $7.3 million, or 9.6 percent.55

State officials describe the eREP system as increasing benefits access for customers, speeding decisions for eligibility, and improving accuracy in benefit determination.56 With eREP, 80 percent of applications are submitted online.57 The state reports  improved workflow, with applications assigned based on program type and easily moved into different queues as needed.

Additionally, data security has been improved with the new system. The eREP system provides information to staff only as needed, limiting data access based on the specific jobs workers are assigned.58

The eREP system’s web-based interface allows for more efficient use of staff time. Much more intuitive than the state’s old system, the new interface uses drop-down options and “radio buttons.” By contrast, the previous system relied on staff knowing the correct codes to enter. This change both reduced the amount of necessary staff training and simplified ongoing operations.59

This new system’s most recent accomplishments built on the earlier results achieved by the state’s eFind system. The latter had reduced the average time needed to verify eligibility through multiple databases from 17 minutes to 3 minutes per case. While the eFIND system cost $2 million to build, the state estimated that eFind would result in $2.1 million in average savings each year due to a more efficient use of staff time.60

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