Evidence-Based Practices for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. II. Populations and States Included in the Study


The completeness and reliability of each state’s MAX data may vary from year to year. We examine the completeness and reliability of all key variables in the eligibility and claims files in each state using 2007 MAX data--the latest calendar year of data available at the start of our project. We identified 22 states with MAX data of sufficient completeness and reliability for inclusion in the study; below, we summarize the state selection process.

Given that the completeness and reliability of each state’s data may vary between years, we recommended limiting the study to populations enrolled in Medicaid in calendar year 2007 and the services they received during that year. The inclusion of other years of data would require additional project resources to investigate the reliability of the eligibility and FFS claims in each state in other years, to determine the completeness of the encounter data in states that used managed care in other years, and to evaluate outside sources to understand any potentially relevant policy or program changes between the years.

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