Evidence-Based Mental Health Treatment for Victims of Human Trafficking. Conclusion


Among the most devastating mental health consequences for victims of any crime can be the destruction of basic life assumptions; that one is safe from harm, one is a good and decent person, and the world is meaningful and just (Office for Victims of Crime, 1998).  For victims of human trafficking, mental health problems can be compounded by the misconceptions about and limited understanding of the issue of human trafficking.  Additionally, lack of social support and stigmatization by friends, family, and social institutions can exacerbate victims mental health conditions (Office for Victims of Crime, 1998).  Long-term population-specific studies are needed to provide evidence for the best treatment options to help victims of trafficking psychologically process the trauma they have experienced.  However, until these studies are conducted and their results made available, mental health practitioners can base treatment options for this population on existing research findings and interventions found to be successful with other similarly victimized populations.

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