The Evaluation of the Tribal Welfare-to-Work Grants Program: Initial Implementation Findings. Program Funding


Congress appropriated $30 million for tribal WtW programs, $15 million each for FY 1998 and FY 1999. DINAP awarded the tribal WtW grants. It received proposals from 94 tribes and consortia and funded each proposal according to a funding formula based on the percentage of adult tribal members at or below the poverty level in relation to adults at or below poverty on all reservations.

In FY 1999, the amount of tribal WtW grants ranged from $9,689 to $2,530,161. The amounts of the grants for the 10 grantees participating in this study ranged from $41,009 (Kickapoo Tribe) to $2,530, 161 (Navajo Nation) (see Table 3.1). While the amount of the award can exceed $2 million for large tribes or consortia, the WtW grants are small compared to the TANF program and to the number of unemployed tribal members. For example, the largest tribe, the Navajo Nation, has a population of approximately 235,000members residing on or near the reservation. Estimates of the number of people 18 years old or older without a paying job range from 51,478 to 112,059. The amount of WtW funds of the Navajo Nation WtW grant ($2,530,161) yields between $22.58 and $49.15 per unemployed adult on the reservation. At Tanana Chiefs Conference, one of the two tribal consortia in the study, about 6,195 people reside in the 43 Alaska Native villages that constitute the consortium. Of these 6,195 Native villagers, 3,394 are estimated to be unemployed adults. The WtW grant to Tanana Chiefs Conference ($183,074) yields about $53.94 per unemployed adult.

Table 3.1
Grantee TANF, WTW, and New Funding


TANF Funding FY 98 WtW Funding FY 99 WtW Funding NEW Funding

Cherokee (EBCI)

n.a. 137,415 146,459 90,000


n.a. 1,159,094 1,177,533 998,592

Kickapoo Tribe

n.a. 38,607 41,009 27,264

The Klamath Tribes

464,459 48,948 43,953 0

Navajo Nation

31,171,746 2,294,364 2,530,161 1,752,666

Nez Perce Tribe

504,990 49,966 49,966 51,000

Red Lake

n.a. 228,195 267,288 135,000

Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC)

2,443,973 192,346 183,074 159,115

Three Affiliated Tribes (TAT)

n.a. 59,634 84,580 0

White Earth

n.a. 265,424 281,934 192,415

n.a. = Not applicable: grantee does not operate TANF program.