The Evaluation of the Tribal Welfare-to-Work Grants Program: Initial Implementation Findings. Eligibility Determination


The first step in the intake process involves determining whether a particular tribal member is eligible to receive WtW-funded services and, if so, determining into which targeting category (the 70 or 30 percent target group) to classify the individual. Tribal WtW programs, like nontribal programs, typically rely on state or local TANF offices to obtain information necessary for determining WtW eligibility. If the TANF agency directly refers the individual to the WtW program (as is often the case), the TANF agency will have typically already made a determination of the individual's WtW eligibility. If the individual is recruited directly by the tribal WtW program (for example, a walk-in) or referred by an agency other than TANF, the tribal WtW program must determine WtW eligibility. In such cases, the tribal WtW program staff generally contact the local TANF office serving the particular individual to obtain the documentation necessary to determine WtW eligibility.