Evaluation of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Teams Pilot: Final Report. A6.3.2 Work Approach—Interactions, Communication, and Meetings


The SC2 team lead in New Orleans facilitated the engagement, taking responsibility for overseeing working groups of team members and city staff established to address each of the city’s priority areas. He also worked closely with the city’s point of contact for the pilot to incorporate the city’s perspective; he engaged external stakeholders to identify additional opportunities; and he connected individual team members to the local and federal resources necessary to conduct their work.

To coordinate SC2 team activities, the lead worked most closely with the city’s deputy director of strategic partnerships. Facilitating their collaboration, the SC2 team lead’s office during the engagement was located in the mayor’s office close to the deputy director’s. The SC2 team lead was also invited to attend the mayor’s cabinet meetings. The deputy director relayed the mayor’s perspective on the engagement to the SC2 team lead, helped team members understand the local context for their work, and introduced team members to local city partners.

To further coordinate SC2 team activities, the SC2 team lead held bi-monthly meetings with team members. Embedded members joined in person while remote members joined by conference call. The meetings were beneficial in exposing members to how their colleagues dealt with problems or challenges and for identifying areas of overlap and opportunities for cross-agency collaboration.

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