Evaluation of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Teams Pilot: Final Report. A2.2.3 Local Partners


The SC2 team worked closely with partners outside of city hall as well. This was particularly important in Cleveland given that two of the three priority areas for SC2 team support involved critical public sector leadership outside of city hall. For instance, workforce, one of the three priority areas identified in the initial assessment, is overseen by the Cuyahoga County Workforce Investment Board (WIB). In fact, the full-time SC2 team representative from DOL was located at the WIB. In addition, the Port of Cleveland is managed by the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, an independent public agency, so the SC2 team representative from USACE worked most closely with leadership from the Port Authority.

Team members also worked closely with staff members from local nonprofits and community organizations. These local partners included the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, MAGNET (Manufacturing and Advocacy Growth Network), the Cleveland Foundation, and Cuyahoga Community College.

In some cases, team members had pre-existing relationships in the community that they leveraged during the engagement. Coordination between the Cuyahoga County Land Bank and the EPA team member is one such example. USACE also continued discussions as part of a continuing relationship with the Port of Cleveland through the SC2 pilot.

Other community partners first engaged with the SC2 team through the assessment or implementation processes. For example, the NASA team member made new contacts through the SC2 team and with the city’s economic development director engaged with MAGNET to jointly develop a program to serve area manufacturers. Another example is the way that the DOL team member, in partnership with the WIB, engaged many local partners, such as the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, Cuyahoga Community College, and Case Western Reserve University, to advance development efforts in workforce employment, training, and education programs.

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