Evaluation of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Teams Pilot: Final Report. 3.1.1 Role of the SC2 Team Lead


The role of the SC2 team lead was in many ways the most crucial in the pilot, serving as an ongoing link between the SC2 Council, individual team members, city leaders, and city stakeholders. The SC2 team lead’s role was multifaceted and adaptive based on changing circumstances but tended to include the following:

Setting the direction of the pilot and shaping its strategy: Though SC2 team leads in some cases worked on specific implementation activities, their primary responsibility was to facilitate work between individual team members and the pilot cities. SC2 team leads served as the primary point of contact between the city and the broader SC2 team in order to identify city priorities and relay those priorities to team members to begin implementation. SC2 team leads worked closely with mayors or mayors’ points of contact in pilot cities to understand city priorities and what the city would contribute as a partner in the implementation. In cities with less mayoral direction in the early stages of implementation, SC2 team leads took on the additional role of strategist, helping cities to understand how the SC2 team could be of assistance to the city.

Relationship development within the SC2 team and in the community: SC2 team leads also took on the role of facilitating relationships necessary for success. This included leads connecting individual team members to city leaders or staff involved in the implementation, or to city stakeholders outside the local government. Additionally, the SC2 team leads sometimes facilitated relationships among multiple team members when cross-agency collaboration was  required for an activity and between team members and other federal staff not directly engaged in SC2.

Problem solving: As implementation progressed, SC2 team leads took on the additional role of problem solver to advance implementation. Depending on the specific issue at hand, leads at times took on the role of troubleshooting barriers to progress, helping to mitigate political challenges as they arose, and generally providing support as need be to team members.

SC2 team management: Throughout the implementation, SC2 team leads regularly convened team members in formal and informal ways, tracked the progress being made by the SC2 team, and reported findings from the engagement to the SC2 Council.

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