Evaluation of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Teams Pilot: Final Report. 1.4.3 Data Limitations


Study data are limited in several ways. First, the data collected were limited to the first 18 months of the pilot implementation per the requirements of the evaluation; as such, approximately 6 months of the implementation period were not explored and the study does not account for the changes to SC2’s model due to lessons learned in the first 18 months. Second, the study team was only able to talk to a subset of the city stakeholders, SC2 leadership, and team members engaged in the pilot.14 For example, the study team interviewed just under half the team members. Third, the interview and survey data are limited due to being self-reported by those involved in the pilot, though attempts were made to corroborate findings across multiple interviews.

14  The scope of the contract for the evaluation did not call for discussions with all stakeholders in the pilot; rather, it called for the selection of a small, purposive sample of stakeholders to take part in discussions to help answer the evaluation’s research questions.

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