Evaluation of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Teams Pilot: Final Report. 1.3.3 SC2 Team Activities


In September 2011, after a kick-off orientation for all of the team members, the SC2 teams began working with their respective cities. In the early stages of the implementation, SC2 teams worked with city partners to identify priority areas for SC2 team attention and developed work plans to guide the implementation. Throughout the engagement, SC2 teams focused their work on five activity areas consistent with the design and goals of the pilot:

  • Providing responsive, transactional assistance to address specific problems, such as repurposing federal grant funds to be put to better use in a city
  • Building relationships between local stakeholders and state and federal employees, such as connecting local, state, and federal stakeholders to better coordinate planning for significant transportation projects
  • Brokering local or regional partnerships, such as the creation of a working group to explore a cluster strategy for economic growth
  • Temporary addition of technical capacity, such as assisting city departments with time-sensitive,
    technical tasks
  • Program and plan development, such as the development of a neighborhood revitalization strategy

As a result of these activities, SC2 teams helped pilot cities achieve a range of accomplishments. In one city, for example, team members were able to determine a way to repurpose a Community Oriented Policing Services grant to retain 120 police officers. In another, team members identified grant funding that allowed a city to advance planning for bringing broadband to its downtown. In still another city, team members helped the city acquire low-cost surplus federal computers that were supplied to local public schools. The accomplishments of the SC2 teams are described more fully in Chapter 3 and in the case studies of each pilot city in Appendix A.

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