Evaluation of Selected Aspects of the National Medicare Education Program: Final Design Report. Design Options


One of the first steps in designing comprehensive evaluation options for the NMEP is to select which activities to focus on (among the various NMEP components) as part of this effort. The options proposed in this evaluation design focus on the following components that represent the current core NMEP activities:

Medicare & You handbook

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Our rational e for selecting these four components took into account the findings from a systematic review of the literature regarding previous NMEP evaluations, potential reach to beneficiaries, and the amount of money allocated for each component. We chose to focus these evaluation options on NMEP components that represent the majority of the NMEP budgetary costs and are likely to reach the greatest number of Medicare beneficiaries and information intermediaries.

On May 31, 2007, we briefed ASPE staff and leadership on key activities and analysis findings to date and introduced several potential design options. Based on the briefing, a determination was made about which evaluation components should be further developed for the evaluation design report. It was determined that the following four study design options would be developed more fully in this report and are discussed in the following sections:

  1. collecting and analyzing data using the MCBS
  2. case studies of employers, pharmacists, and SHIPs
  3. a long-term cohort study of beneficiaires
  4. a cost-effectiveness analysis

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