Evaluation of Selected Aspects of the National Medicare Education Program: Final Design Report. 4.3.6 Key Measures and Variables


The cohort study will measure multiple outcomes and variables that depict beneficiary decision-making processes and how these processes change over time. The variables are broken down below into two categories outcome measures and independent measures.

Outcome Measures . For the cohort study, outcome measures include knowledge, satisfaction, final enrollment/disenrollment decisions, and decision-making processes. Because these outcomes are likely to change over time, we intend to measure them at several decision pointsinitial enrollment (baseline), change-of-plan decisions, and disenrollmentas well as at regular follow-up intervals. Table 4-2 describes the outcome measures in more detail.

Independent Measures and Other Variables . The study’s independent variables provide insight into what influences beneficiary knowledge, satisfaction, plan decisions, and decision-making processes. As with the outcome measures, independent variables will be measured at decision points as well as at regular follow-up intervals. Table 4-3 describes the independent variables in more detail.

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