Evaluation of the Personal Health Record Pilot for Medicare Fee-For Service Enrollees from South Carolina. Potential Impact of the PHR on Health Status.


Many participants indicated they had not interacted in the PHR enough to suggest any impact on their health status.  However, one beneficiary noted finding a diagnosis in her PHR that the doctor had not discussed. The beneficiary indicated that having access to the information prompted a follow-up with a gastroenterologist.

Some beneficiaries reported hopes that the PHR could help handle some of the difficulties around a fragmented care system. Provision of care from numerous providers often requires beneficiaries to take a more active role in scheduling their different appointments, checking interactions of drugs prescribed by different doctors, and remembering historical medical events, allergies, and medications to share with doctors who may not have this information.  Many thought that the PHR could help coordinate information and, consequently their care, with beneficiaries believing the use of the wallet card had a most positive impact.  Additionally, several reported that they planned to speak with their providers about the PHR in the future.

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