Evaluation of the Personal Health Record Pilot for Medicare Fee-For Service Enrollees from South Carolina. Emotional Affinity.


In order to discern what, if any, emotional reaction MyPHRSC provoked among beneficiaries, we used an activity allowing participants to talk about some of the emotions they experience when using the tool. We used nine labeled images of common interactions to obtain reactions from users on which pictures evoked feelings that most closely—and least closely—related to how they felt about MyPHRSC. A full display of these images is included in Appendix 2.     

The image of a library was most commonly cited as relating to the experience of using MyPHRSC, because both provide a “wealth of knowledge.” Two beneficiaries identified MyPHRSC as evoking similar feelings to those of being inside a hardware store, although individually the feelings were different. One thought that seeing all the interesting tools was a positive experience while the other felt being in a hardware store was a confusing, mildly uncomfortable situation, similar to the feeling of not knowing how to enter information or of seeing unfamiliar medical terminology. A couple of participants indicated that using the PHR is not similar to being in a convenience store because it does not include everything they would like to see. However, participants did not identify the most negative pictures with MyPHRSC: the frustration of being stuck in traffic or the pressure and nervousness evoked by being pulled over by a policeman.

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