Evaluation of Family Preservation and Reunification Programs: Interim Report. 9.1.4 Case Closing and Subsequent Reopening


Family preservation services are sometimes thought to lead to quicker case closings in the public agency and less frequent subsequent involvement with the child welfare agency. Administrative data on case closings and subsequent case openings were examined to determine the effects of these services on case closings and subsequent reopenings. There were no significant differences between experimental groups in rates of case closing over time in the three states. In Kentucky, only three of the cases that were closed had reopened at the time we collected administrative data, two in the experimental group and one in the control group. In New Jersey, the difference between groups in proportion of cases reopened was not significant (21% in the experimental group, 23% in the control group). In Tennessee, significantly more of the closed control group cases reopened (9 of 30, 30%, compared to 8 of 66, 12% of the experimental group).