Evaluation of Family Preservation and Reunification Programs: Final Report - Volume Two. 3.8 Information from Caseworkers on Family and Child Functioning


The caseworker interviews also contained questions regarding child and family functioning, in an effort to provide another perspective on these issues. In interpreting caseworker reports, it should be noted that experimental group caseworkers were Homebuilders workers, while control group respondents were the public agency workers responsible for the cases at the time of the interview. It is likely that there are differences between these groups of caseworkers in the knowledge they have of the cases, since Homebuilders workers had much more intensive involvement and that involvement began before the first research interview. In addition, it may be that there are systematic differences in these groups of workers in the approaches they take to the assessment of family problems. Hence, interpretations of comparisons between responses of workers serving each of the groups must be made with caution.

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