Evaluation of Family Preservation and Reunification Programs: Final Report - Volume Two. 3.6.1 Life Events


In the caretaker interviews, there was a 15 item "life events" inventory asking about the occurrence of both positive and negative events in the last 3 months in the initial interview or since the previous interview in the post-treatment and followup interviews (Appendix K, Volume 3, Initial Caretaker Interview, p. 7). We formed three scales from this inventory, positive life events, negative life events, and a scale of those life events that might reflect depression in the caretaker (we had a more formal depression measure as well, described below). In none of the three states were there statistically significant differences between the experimental and control groups in the scores on these measures at the post-treatment or followup interviews nor were there differences between the groups in changes over time (see Tables 3-3, 3-4, and 3-5). It will be noted that generally the levels of these scales dropped in the second interview compared to the first and then increased again in the third interview. This is likely due to the differences in the time periods referenced in the questions asked at the three points in time (the last three months in the initial interview, last 4 to 6 weeks in the post-treatment interview, and last 10 to 11 months in the followup interview).

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