Evaluation of Family Preservation and Reunification Programs: Final Report - Volume One. 6.5 Training


DHS and private agency FPS workers are required to attend 40 hours of in-service training per year (compared to 20 hours per year for other child welfare workers). In the first few years after the passage of the state Family Preservation Act, annual statewide conferences were held to orient and train FPS workers. This practice ended under the administration of Governor Ridge. For several years, FPS workers were expected to fulfill the 40-hour training requirement by attending in-service trainings provided within their own agencies, general sessions provided by the state regional training center, and professional meetings and conferences. DHS contracted with Philadelphia Child Guidance to provide 25 days of clinical training per year for FPS staff at DHS and the private agencies. Training is provided in three groups, each of which is comprised of staff from several provider agencies. Each year there are 8 days of training for each group and one general session. Training focuses on interviewing skills, clinical observation, crisis intervention, and issues specific to family preservation work within a multi-systems perspective.

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