Evaluation of Family Preservation and Reunification Programs: Final Report - Volume One. 2.6 Administrative Data


We attempted to gather administrative data on substitute care placements and reports of maltreatment both before and after assignment into the study on all of the net study cases. This administrative data also contained other information such as case opening dates, types of maltreatment, and some demographic data. In Kentucky, of the 358 randomly assigned cases, no administrative data were obtained from DSS on 3 cases, an additional case (1) had no recent activity in the administrative data, (20) and as already noted, 9 cases were inappropriate referrals. These 13 cases were excluded from the administrative data analyses. (21) In New Jersey, we obtained administrative data on all of the 442 net study cases (100%), 275 in the experimental group and 167 in the control group (Table 2-8). New Jersey administrative data included some information on services other than placement. In Tennessee, we obtained information on placement and reports of maltreatment from administrative data and case records. Placement data were available for 140 (95%) of the cases, 47 in the control group and 93 in the experimental group. Allegation data were available for 144 (98%) cases, 48 in the control group and 96 in the experimental group. In Philadelphia, administrative data were available for all but 4 of the 353 cases.

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