Evaluation Design Options for the Long-Term Care Registered Apprenticeship Program. 3.1. Apprentices


Most of the research questions on apprentices relate to whether the training improves the income and skills of LTC RAP participants and the workers’ commitment to the employer and the field of long-term care. These questions can be asked of both participants who complete the apprenticeship program and those who do not complete the program. Important questions include:

  • Does participation in the LTC RAP improve the earnings of apprentices?

  • Does the LTC RAP improve the skills and productivity of the apprentices?

  • Does the LTC RAP increase job satisfaction and improve relationships with other staff, supervisors, and clients?

  • Does the LTC RAP increase job tenure and the likelihood of continuing to work in long-term care?

  • Does LTC RAP improve access to continued career path/ladder opportunities?

  • Are LTC RAP credentials portable to other employers, health care sectors, and regions?

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