Evaluation Design Options for the Long-Term Care Registered Apprenticeship Program. 3. Research Questions


Whether an evaluation of the LTC RAP is feasible and which design is best depends in part of what questions ASPE/HHS and DOL wish to answer. For example, questions about how apprentices view the LTC RAP can be answered with focus groups or surveys of workers, but cannot be answered with administrative datasets, such as Unemployment Insurance data. Conversely, questions about how the LTC RAP affects earnings can be answered with an administrative dataset, but not with focus groups.

In broad terms, the research questions about the LTC RAP can be divided into two groups:

  • How does the LTC RAP affect apprentices, including participants who do not complete the program?

  • How does the LTC RAP affect long-term care employer sponsors?

In both cases, the comparison is to workers and providers who do not participate in or operate LTC RAPs. Detailed research questions are presented in Section 6, which describes a comprehensive approach to evaluating the program.

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