An Evaluation of AoA's Program to Prevent Elder Abuse: Final Report. ACRONYMS


The following acronyms are mentioned in this report and/or appendix.

ADL Activity of Daily Living
AIM Abuse Intervention Model
AK DSDS Alaska Division of Senior and Disabilities Services
AoA HHS Administration on Aging
APS Adult Protective Services
ASL American Sign Language
ASPE HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
CAGE CAGE Substance Abuse Screening Tool
CTI Critical time Intervention
DA District Attorney
DADS Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services
DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition
DSSI Duke Social Support Index
DUA Data Use Agreement
E-MDT Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Team
EASI Elder Abuse Suspicion Index©
ESCM Elder Services Case Management
FOA Funding Opportunity Announcement
GAD General Anxiety Disorder 7-item scale
GDS Geriatric Depression Scale
HHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
IADL Instrumental Activity of Daily Living
LSNS-6 Lubben Social Network Scale 6-item
LSNS-R Lubben Social Network Scale
Mini-Cog cognitive impairment instrument
MMSE Mini Mental State Exam
NYCEAC New York City Elder Abuse Center
NYSOFA New York State Office for the Aging
PCC Patient Care Coordination
PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire
PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire 9-item
PSS Perceived Stress Scale
SF-36 Short Form 36 health survey
TX/WellMed   Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and the WellMed Charitable Foundation  
TX DFPS Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
USC University of Southern California
UTHSC University of Texas Health Science Center
VASS Vulnerability to Abuse Screening Scale
WMMI WellMed Medical Management Inc.