An Evaluation of AoA's Program to Prevent Elder Abuse: Final Report. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS


We would like to thank our project officer, Helen Lamont, PhD, of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, for her guidance, support, and encouragement over the past four years, as well as Stephanie Whittier Eliason and Aiesha Gurley of the Administration for Community Living/Administration on Aging for their helpful assistance.

The five state Elder Abuse Prevention Intervention grantees graciously assisted us throughout the evaluation by sharing their knowledge during our site visits and providing sensitive data that were critical to this study. We are especially grateful to them. Their contributions were richer in detail than it was possible to reflect in this report. In particular, we thank:

  • Kelda Barstad of the Alaska Division of Senior and Disabilities Services and former staff, Brenda Mahlatini, Clayton Weingarten and Ezekiel Kaufman.

  • Jennifer Rosenbaum of the New York State Office for the Aging; Paul Caccamise and Allison Campbell Granata of Lifespan of Greater Rochester; Risa Breckman and Peg Horan of the New York City Elder Abuse Center; and Dr. Mark Lachs of Weill Cornell Medical College.

  • Rachel Duer, formerly of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TX DFPS) and Theresa Pena and Carolin Mendez; Carol Zernial and Debbie Billa of the WellMed Charitable Foundation; Raymond Kirsch and Anette Ramos, APS Specialists at the TX DFPS; and Farida Ejaz of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.

  • Dr. Laura Mosqueda, Dr. Bonnie Olsen, and the research staff of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, including Stacey Hirst and Annie Nguyen and former staff, Dr. Melanie Gironda and Dr. Zachary Gassoumis.

  • Dr. Carmel Dyer, Dr. Jason Burnett, and the research staff at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

We would also like to acknowledge the elders and community partners who participated in the five prevention interventions and allowed us to learn from them.

We thank our project consultants Dr. Helaine Resnick and Dr. Xin Qi Dong for their contributions, and their guidance on measurement and analysis. A number of our colleagues at NORC at the University of Chicago contributed to the successful completion of the study. We thank Sara Henning, Johannes Huessy, Tim Mulcahy, Peter Herman, Devi Chelluri, Jenni Scolese, Emily White, Cordelia McCall, Michael Boyer, and Sravanthi Matta, as well as former colleagues Athena Diaconis, Daniel Lee, Alphonse Derus, Chris Esko, Lyuba Mikhaylov, and Stacy Stonich. NORC's Data Use Agreement Committee provided important guidance and oversight of the project that enabled us to securely obtain data from the five grantees.