The Evaluation of Abstinence Education Programs Funded Under Title V Section 510: Interim Report . Future Analysis and Reporting Plans


Over the three-year sample enrollment period, which ended in fall 2001, the evaluation team secured cooperation from 3,300 youth and their parents to participate in the impact evaluation.  To date, 3,081 of these youth have completed the wave 1 survey.  The wave 2 survey has been administered to those youth enrolled during the first two study years, with 1,791 completing this survey thus far.  In spring 2002, the wave 2 survey will be administered to the remaining sample, and the wave 3 survey will be administered to those who enrolled in the study sample during the first year of sample enrollment.  Sample youth will continue to be tracked through surveys and, in some cases, school records through fall 2003.  Furthermore, program operations and community context will be monitored continuously throughout the remainder of the study period to support the evaluation.

Sample Enrollment Total N Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Table 5: Interview Schedule and Sample Sizes, by Time of Sample Enrollment
Fall ’99/Spring ’00 1,040 Fall ’99/Spring ’00 Fall ’00 Spring/Fall ’02
Fall ’00 901 Fall ’00 Spring ’01 Fall ’03
Fall ’01 1,359 Fall ’01 Spring ’02 Fall ’03
Total Number 3,300 3,081 2,970a 2,805a
a.  Estimated number of completed surveys.

A report on the effects of the programs in achieving their short-term goals of changing knowledge, attitudes, and near-term behavioral choices will be completed in early 2003 once wave 2 survey data are available for the full study sample.  The final study evaluation report will be completed in summer 2005.  During intervening periods, the study team will prepare a limited number of special-focus reports that address particular questions of interest to Congress or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.