Evaluating Two Approaches to Case Management: Implementation, Participation Patterns, Costs, and Three-Year Impacts of the Columbus Welfare-to-Work Program. Acknowledgments


This evaluation could not have been conducted without the dedication and cooperation of administrators and staff from the Ohio Department of Human Services and the Franklin County Department of Human Services (now part of the Department of Job and Family Services). State and county administrators embraced the idea of testing two case management approaches and remained committed to operating two separate welfare-to-work programs and subjecting them to intensive study. Staff were willing to comply with the rigorous requirements of the complex research design, including keeping the two programs distinct. In addition, they facilitated access to research sample members' case files, created the automated AFDC and Food Stamp payment files and unemployment insurance files used in this and other reports, and candidly discussed their experiences during field research visits.

The following key staff deserve special thanks: in the Ohio department, Michael Haas, Joel Rabb, Richard Deppe, Michael Koss, Scott Kozlowski, Nancy Mead, and Brenda Newsome; and in the Franklin County department, John Hahn, Mary Lou Langenhop, Leila Hardaway, Annette Mizelle, Toni Smith, and Georgianna Hayes.

In addition, gratitude is owed the research sample members, who went through the random assignment process, granted researchers access to confidential information about themselves, and participated in surveys. Without them, the research would not have been possible.

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