Estimates of Child Care Eligibility and Receipt for Fiscal Year 2009. Noncitizen Children


Another set of methodological improvements were made starting with the 2009 estimates. One of these changes excluded children that were unlikely to be eligible based on citizenship status. In 2009 this affected about 484,000 children. Of these 484,000, about 154,000 would have otherwise been eligible for child care subsidies under federal parameters. While some noncitizen children are eligible to receive subsidies, undocumented children and children living with parents with temporary visas are generally not eligible to receive subsidies. Had these children been included in the FY 2009 estimates the percentage of federally-eligible children served would have been 17.6 percent instead of 18.2 percent with their exclusion. As defined by federal law, citizen children with noncitizen parents are eligible for federal child care subsidies as long as they meet other eligibility criteria.

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