An Environmental Scan of Pay for Performance in the Hospital Setting: Final Report. Public Reporting


Not all sponsors agreed that public reporting should be a part of P4P programs. While some viewed it as an important component that compliments the financial incentive, others saw it as contentious and detrimental to creating a collaborative relationship with hospitals. Sponsors suggested that if public reporting were part of the program, performance should be reported on a wide range of measures—such as clinical, patient experience, and resource use—in order to communicate a complete picture of health care to consumers. Sponsors said that consumers do not make health care decisions in a vacuum and need additional information. As noted previously, many program sponsors provided links on their websites to the Hospital Compare website. Some sponsors suggested that the Hospital Compare website should be simplified for ease of use by consumers. Specific recommendations included (1) the use composite or summary measures within a service area or at the condition level, with information on individual measures available through “drilldown” capabilities to those wanting more-specific information and (2) increased consumer testing of the website to ensure that the information is understandable and useful.

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