An Environmental Scan of Pay for Performance in the Hospital Setting: Final Report. Outpatient Setting


  •  What is the scope of outpatient hospital services, and which of these services could be initially targeted for performance measurement and potential reward?
  •  Are there programs currently under way to align reimbursement with value-based purchasing (VBP) in the outpatient hospital setting?
  •  Are there measures currently available that could be applied and/or modified in the context of developing a Medicare outpatient hospital P4P program in the near term? If yes, what are they?
  •  What are the gaps in available measures, and what strategy would be required to fill in these gaps to create a robust set of measures for use longer term in a P4P program in the outpatient hospital setting?
  •  Are there unique issues of data infrastructure, payment methodology, and/or public reporting in the outpatient setting compared with the inpatient setting? If so, what are these issues, how do they impact the development of a P4P program for the outpatient setting, and how can they be resolved?
  •  What are the challenges of CMS-stakeholder collaboration in the outpatient hospital setting compared with the inpatient setting? How should they be addressed?

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