An Environmental Scan of Pay for Performance in the Hospital Setting: Final Report. Data Collection


Sponsors reported that minimizing the data collection burden was critical for hospital acceptance of P4P programs. Suggested strategies for minimizing hospital burden included (1) alignment of measures and data collection across programs and (2) selection of a reasonable number of measures to include as part of the P4P program. Sponsors were unable to specify the precise number of measures that would be considered reasonable to include in a P4P program but stressed that there must be some limits. One suggestion was to retire measures as hospitals reach high-performance levels. However, this tactic raised concern that the areas no longer tracked would be ignored going forward. A suggestion for addressing this concern is to continue to track all measures but transition the high-performance metrics to threshold metrics after a specified amount of time. As such, a hospital would have to meet a certain level of performance on some metrics to be eligible for the financial incentive, but payouts would only be made based on performance on the current set of measures.

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