An Environmental Scan of Pay for Performance in the Hospital Setting: Final Report. Cross-Cutting Themes


  •  How can hospital P4P be integrated into the Medicare purchasing environment?
  •  What is the evidence of the impact of P4P programs on changing provider performance?
  •  What features are necessary for the sustainability of programs?
  •  What steps have successful hospital P4P programs used to partner with and engage other stakeholders? What implications do those efforts have for the Listening Sessions in this contract, discussions with the HQA, and other collaborations with partner organizations?
  •  How does hospital P4P improve Medicare’s position as a value-based purchaser?
  •  How do we incorporate patient safety themes in our approach to P4P?
  •  How do we integrate P4P and the use of EHRs?
  •  How can hospital P4P enhance the evidence base for quality improvement and not interfere with innovation?
  •  How do we minimize burden for providers and CMS?
  •  What actions are needed to translate P4P programs into the goals of quality improvement and efficiency?

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