An Environmental Scan of Pay for Performance in the Hospital Setting: Final Report. Acknowledgements


We gratefully acknowledge the sponsors of the pay-for-performance programs and the hospitals, hospital associations, and data vendors whose people willingly made the time to participate in individual discussions with us. They offered us valuable information and insights about their experiences in designing and implementing pay-for-reporting and pay-for performance programs. 

We also extend our appreciation to the members of our Technical Expert Panel—Dr. Elliott Fisher of Dartmouth University, Dr. Jack Wheeler of the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Dr. Dale W. Bratzler of the Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality, and Dr. Howard Beckman of the Rochester Individual Practice Association—for their thoughtful review of the discussion guides to help ensure that pertinent topics and issues were addressed and their review of this report. In addition, we appreciate the assistance provided by Geoff Baker of Med-Vantage in helping us construct and narrow the list of candidate hospital pay-for-performance programs with which we held discussions. Finally, we thank Susan Bogasky, from the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, who served as Project Officer for this contract. We also appreciate the guidance and feedback provided by Dr. Julie Howell, Project Coordinator Hospital VBP, CMS Special Program Office for Value-Based Purchasing, and Dr. Thomas Valuck, Director, CMS Special Program Office for Value-Based Purchasing.

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