Emerging Practices in Medicaid Primary Care Case Management Programs. Endnotes


24. Maine used an EQRO in the past; these reviews are now conducted by state staff.

25. The model of rapid cycle quality improvement was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. It focuses on the processes of "plan, do, study, and act", and stresses setting aims, establishing measures, and making system changes to remove barriers to care.

26. Vernon K. Smith, Terrisca Des Jardins, and Karin A. Peterson, Exemplary Practices in Primary Care Case Management: A Review of State Medicaid PCCM Programs (Princeton, NJ: Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc., 2000), 62.

27. Bulleted North Carolina information in this section taken from: Department of Health and Human Services, "ACCESS II and III Plans Asthma Disease Management Program", ACCESS II and III Update no. 2 (July 2000), 1-8.

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