Eligible Uninsured African Americans: 6 in 10 Could Receive Health Insurance Marketplace Tax Credits, Medicaid or CHIP. African Americans and the Marketplace


Each state has a Health Insurance Marketplace where consumers can shop for and purchase health insurance coverage. In states that are expanding Medicaid, individuals and families with household incomes from 138 to 400 percent of the FPL may be eligible for tax credits to make health insurance even more affordable. In states that do not expand Medicaid, those with family incomes between 100 and 400 percent of FPL may qualify for tax credits.

Of the 2.6 million uninsured African Americans eligible to purchase Marketplace plans, 2.2 million—or nearly 9 in 10 (86 percent)—may qualify for a premium tax credit for Marketplace coverage (see Table 2).7 The estimated 2.6 million Marketplace-eligible uninsured include 762,000 eligible uninsured African American adults (ages 19 and older) in Medicaid expansion states with incomes above 138 percent of the FPL, 1.7 million eligible uninsured in the remaining 25 non-expansion states with incomes above 100 percent of the FPL, and 117,000 eligible uninsured African American children from all states with family incomes above 250 percent of the FPL.8

Table 5 contains examples of premiums before and after tax credits are applied.

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