The Effects of Trigger Events on Changes in Children's Health Insurance Coverage. 2. Methodology


To perform the analyses reported herein, we constructed a dataset consisting of 11-month snapshots providing measures of health insurance coverage and a variety of parental and family characteristics. Each snapshot consisted of data from a focal month, m, plus the next four months and the preceding six months. 6 Month m was any of the 12 months from July 1993 through June 1994. We aggregated these snapshots into a single database. A sample child who was in the universe of children under 19 for the entire period and was covered by ESI, Medicaid, other insurance or was uninsured is represented 12 times--once for each 11-month sequence. A child who was born into or who aged out of the universe of children during the year or was covered by an unknown source of insurance at any time is represented for only those months m in which the child was a member of the universe. 7

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