Effects of Implementing State Insurance Market Reform, 2011-2012. Presentation of Findings


Findings from the analysis of the data collected for this study are presented alongside findings that were previously presented in the Trends study. As noted earlier, the Trends study sample included six states (Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, and South Dakota) that are not included in the current study because they did not have publicly available filings posted on their website. The Trends study included data collected for filings that were effective 2008 through the middle of 2011, thus 2011 data for the Trends study do not represent a full year’s worth of data. This study (referred to as SMR study in all tables) includes data collected for all filings from sampled carriers that had an effective date of 2011 and 2012 in the 29 states described earlier.

While there were some differences in methodology between the Trends study and the current study, there are also important similarities to note. Data for both studies were extracted from filings submitted by health insurance carriers to state regulatory authorities. One methodological improvement to the current study is that there is a clear audit trail documenting the process of extracting data from filings obtained from public websites.

In reporting figures for individual states and markets, we do not display figures if filings constitute less than 50 percent of state enrollment for the year. Non-reportable states are listed as N/R. However, all filings are included in the calculation of national figures, including states where enrollment was insufficient for state reporting. Unless otherwise noted, all premium increases presented are calculated based on the implied final increase rate. The final implied rate would include the increases that are reviewed and approved by state regulators, and in cases of filings where an approved rate is not available, (and there is no clear indication that the filing was disapproved by the state or withdrawn by the carrier) the proposed rate.

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