Effects of Implementing State Insurance Market Reform, 2011-2012. Final Sample


The process of data extraction resulted in 3,373 filings. Of these, 1,439 filings met our study’s inclusion criteria and 1,934 were excluded for the reasons noted in Table 6. The majority of excluded filings (74 percent) were excluded because they were filings from the large group market, had an effective date that was not in the study time period (not 2011 or 2012), were form filings (non-rate increase filings), or were “any size” filings that were excluded using the decision rule described above in this report’s Methods section. For analytic purposes, filings containing more than one product type were split into multiple observations, each containing a single product type with its respective enrollment. As many of the 1,439 filings had information on more than one product type, our final database (as of May 29th, 2013) includes a total of 1,654 observations, with 758 in the individual market and 896 from the small group market (Table 6).

Table 6: Number of Excluded Filings and Reason for Exclusion

Reasons for Exclusion Number Excluded
Total 1934
Large group 462
Date out of study period 342
Document type 322
Any size group 309
New product 126
Type of insurance 102
Carrier not in sample 69
Proprietary or un-viewable filings 61
Indiana “group” filings – state could not differentiate between small and large 57
Duplicate 29
Zero enrollment 27
New business only 23
Null record 5


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