Education and Employment of Disconnected Low-Income Men. Notes


  1. In 2010, the year for the data estimates, the federal poverty threshold was $11,344 for a single adult and $17,552 for a family of three with one child. Twice the poverty level was $22,688 for a single adult and $35,104 for a family of three (
  2. Unless specified otherwise, statistics are based on US De-partment of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assis-tant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) tabulations of the ACS (2008–10).
  3. African American refers to non-Hispanic African American or black and includes those who identified themselves in the decennial census as black or African American only. White refers to non-Hispanic white and includes those who identified themselves in the census as white only. People of Hispanic origin may be of any race. Respondents who identified as other or two or more races in the census are grouped under “other non-Hispanic.”
  4. The 52 metropolitan areas examined have at least 50,000 low-income men. ACS data are not available for areas with smaller low-income men populations. The detailed name of metropolitan areas and geographic areas they encompass are shown in appendix table 1.
  5. “Limited English proficient” people reported in the census survey that they speak a language other than English at home and that they speak English well, not well, or not at all. Those who speak another language at home but also speak English very well are considered English proficient and bilingual.
  6. Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey, seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, 2008–10 average, accessed in August, at

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