Early Implementation of the Welfare-to-Work Grants Program: Report to Congress. F.   EMERGING ISSUES FOR CONSIDERATION

The success of WtW programs in carrying out their plans and affecting participants' employment outcomes remains to be determined.  Most grantees are still at very early stages of recruiting participants and delivering services, and additional grants remain to be made with currently appropriated funds.  In many states, TANF time limits are just now beginning to result in actual termination of benefits; how increasing numbers of recipients affected by time limits will influence referrals and entries to WtW programs is uncertain.  Therefore, clear answers to questions about program implementation and impacts will not come until later stages of this evaluation.  However, the first grantee survey provides an early glimpse of grantees' own perceptions of how the overall WtW grants program responds to the challenge of moving those hardest to employ into jobs they will keep.  We conclude this first report with a summary of those views, followed by a summary of future evaluation activities and the additional evidence they should provide.